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Natural-Care Baby Pacifier

Natural-Care Baby Pacifier

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Introducing our 100% silicone pacifiers by Beba—where comfort meets innovation!

Choose the Flat Pacifier for serene nights and the Round Pacifier for playful days. With an anti-colic design and dual vents, they provide superior breathability for your baby.

Elevate your baby’s soothing experience with Beba's thoughtful pacifier options, designed for a calm and content little one.


  • 100% silicone
  • BPA, Phthalates free
  • satisfies baby’s natural sucking response in both day time and night time
  • Gentle on tongue gums and teeth
  • Designed with integrated mould - Day & Night pacifier is moulded in one piece. 
  • Panel Arc Design - matches baby’s mouth contour
  • Anti-colic design - The shape allowed for easier suckling, and has a dual vent system making this soother more breathable 
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