Happy Earth Day 🌎

About Us

“You will never feel 100% ready, do it anyway.”

Hi I am Alex. I have a 3 year old beautiful son. I have graduated this December with a bachelors in psychology and a certificate in cognitive behavioural therapy, where I hope to further my education with a Master’s in art therapy. I also hold a minor in studio arts. 

My university career started off with multiple athletic scholarship offers for Div 1 basketball, where I ended up accepting an offer at UQAM.

After a year I had to make the tough decision to pull the plug on my athletic scholarship to take care of my then, very ill father. Not long after, my father (aka best friend) ended up passing, and a month following I found out I was pregnant.

Fast forward to 3 years after giving birth I decided to start my own business and take my little guy on this fun journey with me.

I always had a passion for environmental issues and definitely wanted to be able to offer more moms the opportunity to offer their freshly born humans the most earth friendly products possible. I never really had a budget to start however. Although Covid is horrible, it’s the stimulus checks that finally allowed me to put all my research to work and start Beba Canada.

It’s my dream to continue to grow this business and to offer more moms the opportunity to use products which are eco friendly and safe for both their babies and the environment. Hence, ‘treating the world like our baby’.

I am working diligently with manufacturers to bring products to people like me. People who loved their babies, care for their planet, and want to keep à la mode. 

I’ve decided to really buckle down and take my toddler on this crazy ride with me that we call 'Entrepreneurship' and all the ups and downs that come with it. 

The most rewarding experience from this venture thus far has been working with manufacturers to create better products, and then hearing back from people who give genuine feedback.

Knowing that the demand for products that we at Beba Canada hold is so broad leaves me overjoyed knowing that I am sharing with a community of moms who are unintentionally coming together in not only providing the best quality products for their little ones, but helping the planet simultaneously, and that in itself is one of the greatest offerings I can confidently leave behind for my son, and generations to come.

They do say 'it takes a village', and I'm glad to be part of this one.