About Us

Our Mission

Beba Canada is an eco-friendly baby shop that offers safe products for your baby and the planet. Our goal is for new moms to have easy access to a trusted brand that offers safe, eco-friendly baby products.

Our Story


“You will never feel 100% ready, do it anyway."

As a new mom, I struggled to find items for my baby that I could trust. With the climate's health at risk, I grew a new and improved respect and love for the environment after having my baby. Becoming a mother grew me closer to mother nature. With that being said, I knew that making eco-friendly, safe, and sustainable baby products more available was necessary for not only me, but for all new moms. So, I decided that although I was jumping into the fairly unknown territory of entrepreneurship, I had to do this, for my son's health, for my conscience, and for all the moms out here who struggle to find eco-safe products for their new bundles of joy, just as I did. Our babies deserve the best, as does our Planet.

What we do

We make eco-friendly, sustainable baby products more accessible, while still being on top of the latest trends.

Our products are unique because we use premium, eco-friendly materials to always offer your baby and our planet the best possible solution to our baby's everyday needs.

Our Vision

We envision a world that will transform it's unethical approach of offering unsustainable, unsafe, materials to new parents for their baby. Our planet, just like our babies, is delicate and deserves to be loved and cared for. We hope to encourage more parents like you to 'treat the world like our baby'.

Core Values

    • putting your baby and our planet first
    • Create & deliver sustainable, eco-friendly, safe products
    • Easily live a greener lifestyle

They do say 'it takes a village', and I'm glad to be part of this one.